Grub's Up!

  • Category: Baby Basics and Feeding
  • Duration: 03:00 Hours
  • More Info: One session covering infant feeding. Advice for whichever method of feeding your baby is for you.


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An in depth look at feeding your newborn baby. All facts and no myths!

We will explore the facts and practicalities of feeding your newborn baby.

.Latch, positioning and attachment

.Mechanics of breast feeding

.Supply and demand

.Colostrum, fore and hind milk...what's the difference?

.The let down reflex

.Baby feeding cues

.What's normal for a breast feeding baby? Feeding frequency, weeing and pooing!

.How do i know my baby is full or getting enough milk?

.Breast care and managing discomfort

.Where to get more support locally if you need it

.Practical information about formula feeding, top ups and mixed feeding

Can i do this???? YES!