Hello and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Welcome to HDHypnobirth. My name is Angela Rogers, I am a mum, a midwife and KGH qualified hypnobirthing teacher.

Whether this is your first or subsequent baby, it is a very exciting time and we begin to plan and prepare from the moment we discover we are pregnant. Decorating the nursery, shopping for a cot and a pram and baby clothes, arranging the baby shower - these are all things we are quick to start thinking about.

So, how do we prepare our minds and bodies for the upcoming labour and birth? What would be the ideal way?

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal education programme which aims to reduce the fear surrounding childbirth. The use of hypnotherapy in labour and birth is based on work by obstetrician Dr Grantly Dick-Read in the 1920's. He developed the theory that "where fear is not present, pain is not present". 

Hypnobirthing is, simply put, the use of words to induce a state of relaxation allowing enhanced capacity for the subconcious mind to respond to beneficial suggestions towards achieving a calm and comfortable birth of your baby.

I offer private hypnobirthing courses to couples in the comfort, familiarity and privacy of their own homes. I also offer group class sessions with a maximum of four couples within each group, held in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

This is an all encompassing birth and parenthood preparation course. Education is knowledge and knowledge means empowerment. Your body is led by your mind, so by practising hypnobirthing techniques, your mind will be equipped to lead your body towards a positive birth experience, whatever that experience may be.

Group pregnancy relaxation classes for mums-to-be are also available and are a one hour session on a weekly basis.

I also offer one off sessions on feeding your baby and baby basics session too! If it's your first time as parents, there is so much to learn and get to grips with. Preparation is the key to success.

If you need some extra one to one support in the early postnatal days I can provide bespoke postnatal care packages, tailored to meet your needs. 

I look forward to being privileged to be able to support you at this special time in your lives.
Please do contact me for further information, I will get back to you to answer any enquiries you may have. Alternatively, book your FREE telephone consultation today to find out more.

Best wishes,

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